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Under Pressure Drillings (UPTs)

UPTs - Cutting edge machinery at your service!

We use under pressure drilling or hot tapping to make modifications to an existing system without disruption to supply. For example we are able to make new connections to an existing water main without disrupting the water supply to properties or businesses. Again, another example of how to ensure no customer minutes lost. 


We ensure safety and professionalism is undertaken within each and every one of the products we install.

2 Wash Out Installations

One of the latest gadgets to hit the pipeline industry when undertaking UPTs are the PQR6000 Machines. We installed the under pressure washouts for our client as part of a water network upgrade. “The Under Pressure Mains Branch Drilling Machine is capable of drilling branch sizes from 1″-6″. Standard Traverse 55cm & 16/25 bar pressure.” (PipelineTechnology Ltd)