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EZ Valve Supply & Install

Why use EZ Valves?

EZ valves are the epitome of live valve insertion technology. They enable water to continue to flow whilst, maintenance and repairs are taking place. Using EZ Valves prevents water shut off penalties, making it a cost effective product.

Our practice is methodical and precise, and with our engineering experience we endeavour to ensure that we provide an installation that lasts and takes place within 2 hours.

AVT EZ Valve live insertion, by R2M Site Services Engineers

Percentage of call outs requiring an EZ Valve
Average number of CMLs prevented per week

EZ Valve installation testimonial

"Massive thanks to R2M Site Services for installing this under pressure EZ valve for us...The valve was needed to shut off a 4" CI mains burst which was leaking over 70m3 per hour. The R2M Site Services team came out to assist out of hours on the same day. Without the EZ valve there would have been over 1100 properties affected. The valve was installed and the shut off was reduced to just 39 properties. Great service.
Alex Whittaker