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Bespoke Encapsulation

Making it work for you

R2M Site Services engineers have the expertise and capability of designing and sourcing bespoke solutions to any piping issues. The materials are sourced locally and quickly ensuring products are on site as soon as possible, to prevent water and financial loss! 

We recognise that the needs within the water industry are diverse and therefore our innovative practice ensures we are at the forefront of the technology required to meet your needs.


Our engineers are strategically positioned in order to meet your demands with immediate effect. 


A 48 inch mains water leak.

The bespoke encapsulation collar was made to measure to prevent further leakages. Over 1 million homes could’ve bene affected had this not been a live encapsulation fitting.

Why go bespoke?

It will fit

Bespoke fittings are used to adhere to the different piping structures installed in the past, which may not adhere to the standard sizes we see today.

It will work

Bespoke is made to mould around individual fittings and pipes, leaving no room for error.

It will last

Although bespoke may be deemed more expensive initially, you are paying for the long term investment in the product, which prevents further problems in the future.​

Examples of bespoke encapsulation