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Live Connections

Always On with Live Connections and installations

Live connections and installations are undertaken with extreme care and precision to ensure no water is lost. The insertions made ensure materials do not enter the water, thereby contaminating the water. Live connections can be used when undertaking a ‘wash out’, thereby flushing the system of turbidity whilst our highly skilled and experienced engineers, ensure that the water continues to flow throughout the process, without any leakages and loss of minutes to customers. 

10" Ez Valve Installation


The R2M Site Services Ltd Team installed a 2 x 8” Ez Valves. The valves were installed to shut a section on main off permanently, the main was also running at 12 bar, a new main was laid to bypass the old section of main. 2x UPT’s Drilled for the connections to be made later by the client.

The OXO connections enable live wash outs, preventing water shut offs, whilst flushing the system clean.