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Duofit Installation

Why use Duofit?

Duofit encapsulation collars provide inexpensive, permanent and easy fit solutions to water repairs. 

The installation process is simple, and the Duofit offers 30mm tolerance compared with other encapsulation collars, and they can also be used for any hot-tapping issues, thereby providing greater flexibility if needed. Duofit customers will benefit from all installations being made under live conditions without the need to shut off the water, re-pressurise chlorinate or sample.

We use them because the installation process verifies that all water leaks are contained and the encapsulation collar is working effectively. The units are easy sealed and the valves at the top and bottom of the collar, act as indicators that the water remains in the system.

You make the call and we provide you with a solution expertly and efficiently, helping you to meet your targets.

A live Duofit installation

Duofit Encapsulation Collar

R2M Site Services Ltd team repairs the 24” Ductile main under a great deal of pressure, as this main feeds thousands of properties which would be without water if dealt with using traditional methods. The pipe was measured and we quickly assessed that the shelf encapsulation collar was the repair solution of choice. We installed the 610-640mm Duofit repairing the main and all within 24hrs of getting the call.

Examples of encapsulation installations


"Live Duofit encapsulation on severe leak During the night of 3rd October, R2M Site Services installed an 32” Nova Siria Duofit encapsulation collar and repaired a severe leak at 5.5bar. The severity of the leak was such that a 50mm jet of water was ejecting from the pipe horizontally and was then making a vertical geyser approximately 20ft into the air. It was questioned as to the possibility of making a live repair although R2M Site Service’s experienced team were able to bring the leak under control with the main casings of the Duofit, which then suppressed all spray, enabling the end ring seals to be installed and the repair completed with a 100mm gate valves vent. This was still a challenging installation due to the heavy bitumen coating on the pipe which had to be cleaned off in order to gain a seal. This meant the installation took circa 6 hours. The pipe measured 814mm which was perfect for the Duofit’s range of 800-830mm. The Duofit was supplied from R2M’'s standard stock range on a next day service. A shut off and conventional repair was highly prohibitive in this case as it would have disrupted supplies to approximately 68’000 homes and businesses. One full live, permanent repair was made with no disruption to any of the customer's supplies. 30 Oct 2017" (http://www.novasiria.it/en/news/ )
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